Recording session in duplex, there’s always a good solution..

When Afro House music superstar, and also super friend Boddhi Satva calls you to schedule a session with Haïtian star James Germain  telling you he won’t possibly show up but he still needs to attend to manage the artist performance, you take your ipad, make a video call with your brother, plug the output of the tablet to your mixing desk then the performing artist can clearly hear the call, the Ipad mic will ensure the communication in the other direction.

It’s a wrap.

Only at the minimalstudio…

Neuman U87 + Avalon M5 + Dbx 160A + Neve BA723

Feb 018 – I create a blog !

Alex Finkin
Alex Finkin, Music Producer

Hi !

Here is my blog, i will soon post some infos & updates about the projects i produce for artists & record labels, and also my own projects (Roseaux, with my mates Emile Omar & Clément Petit, i will soon write about it..) or my soul band “The Fine Keys”, my electonic duet “Cristal Noir”, my House music label, Instinctive records…etc..

I will also post some pictures of sessions, and if i can, some exclusive samples of my working sessions..

Stay tuned,


Alex Who ?

Alex Finkin is a music producer / director.

His job is to manage & produce musical projects (records) in the studio, from the writing sessions to the mixing & mastering sessions, being involved as a composer/arranger (scoring, a&r) and as a sound engineer as well, recording & mixing the music at the minimalstudio, his production facility.

He also leads and conducts bands & acts such as, internationally renowned soul singer “Aloe Blacc” (they coproduced his pop hit “The Man” together), his band “The Fine Keys”, or even the legendary musical “Hair”.